Pikes Peak United Methodist Church
Pikes Peak United Methodist Church
Sunday, December 16, 2018
Come, Love, Grow, Share

The Power of Prayer


Bridge to Healing

Where am I going with this thought? Please work with me here. If possible... close your eyes for a moment. Picture a bridge... left.... middle... and... right side. You are looking at it head-on. 

The song "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"... and THE LIVING WATER comes to mind! Things to consider: Your situation, your age, your expectations for all.  God has a plan for each and everyone. Our lives have a beginning, a middle and an end. What is really important and where do we start? God is the "Travel Agent" Would it be fair to assume we all need healing in our lives? 

One wouldn't approach the bridge without plan. One would go to the "map of life" being the Bible. Things in our past may still hurt, but we cannot make it go away by just wishing. Our present may be overwhelming...and our future uncertain. As long as we re-drawing breath there is HOPE.That's good news!!! A relationship with God means interaction.  As with any relationship. A suggestion for healing of any situation. As soon as your eyes open thank God for another day... and ask what is the plan for today, God? Be positive in what comes out of your mouth. Healing begins with the first step across the bridge of life. Compassion for others and acceptance of God's grace and forgiveness of ourselves doesn't come from the Pain-Free times in our lives. Wouldn't we all like no pain? It is a known fact that we feel COMPASSION having lived THROUGH experiences. GOD HELD US BY THE HAND OR perhaps read and RE-VISIT THE "FOOTPRINTS" POEM.

Let us pray:

True God, You CREATED me as a unique individual with a purpose for my life. You want what is best for my life no matter what age I am at present.

Once I ask for forgiveness my sin through Your Grace is erased as "far as the east is from the west."

You ARE JESUS as the GREAT HEALER AND TEACHER as an example of how to live our lives and bring comfort to others who are hurting. You ARE the HOLY SPIRIT guiding us from within... never leaving us alone to face whatever life brings our way.

Help us to realize PRAYING has two parts. We TALK to you...and then we LISTEN to you. Nothing fancy just sincere! That BRIDGE CALLED LIFE can be as long or short as YOU intend. 

Thank You for CREATING us, I believe in the SALVATION AND HEALING that JESUS provides, and Thank You for the HOLY SPIRIT who guides my every step over the BRIDGE CALLED LIFE, and THE LIVING WATER that quenches our thirst, heals our pain and sustains our lives.