Pikes Peak United Methodist Church
Tuesday, January 16, 2018

From the Pastor's Pen...

You probably know that Christmas is the most recognized and celebrated Christian event in America. Some of that is due to the way our culture (and retailers) identifies the aspects of Christmas – especially the giving of gifts, the joy of gathering with family and the possibility of the hope to come. Easter isn’t recognized so much. But, there IS commercialism just like Christmas.

Isn’t it interesting that musical artists have Christmas CD’s? Christmas MUST be very important to them. So, I’m wondering….why doesn’t anyone record an Easter album? The old masters of music wrote Easter music. Handel’s “Messiah” is divided into parts: six pieces about the Birth, 7 pieces about the Death or Passion, and 4 pieces about the Aftermath – why it all matters. Bach wrote at least 4 pieces on the Passion (that starts on Good Friday.) These classical musicians knew that Easter music was important; it was reflected in their worship.

Even though we don’t rate our Christian holy events, we should have concern about the disproportionate attention, even among Christians, to what is the heart of the Gospel. We forget that Christmas is the event when God entered into the mess of human history in order to save it from darkness. Remember?

The ones who saw the baby Jesus said, “He has come to SAVE us.” Jesus’ birth was the beginning of a life that would eventually be given, ONCE AND FOR ALL, on a cursed tree just as the Word of God prophesied. Christmas is the beginning of the journey of the Passion of Christ.

That’s why what was accomplished for us on that Friday over 2000 years ago (and then the Resurrection three days later) are so important to ME and, I pray, for each of YOU.

There is NOTHING that we can bring to our worship on Good Friday and Easter Morning that can make it “more memorable.” We shouldn’t try to upstage last year’s celebration.

Easter is, without qualification, an event that is entirely about God’s loving and saving action for each and every one of us who claim it. It’s undeserved but we can offer ONE thing in response: OURSELVES. We must surrender our lives in faith to the One who gave Himself for us. It’s a paradox really….that Good Friday can be the occasion of our greatest Hope.

Please be sure to read everything in this month’s newsletter. Our Holy Week schedule is in this edition as well as other news and our regular features. Perhaps this is the season that you can share, with someone else, what God’s love is all about and ask them to join us for one or all of these special services. We ARE blessed! Continue to be a blessing!

And, as always, continue to be abiding in Him,


 Pastor Dea