Pikes Peak United Methodist Church
Pikes Peak United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Come, Love, Grow, Share

 From the Pastor's Pen...

We are IN the Season of Pentecost.  We WILL BE IN the season until the first Sunday of December when we begin the preparations of Advent.  This long season of the church year is sometimes called the “non-festival” half of the church year – there aren’t any big celebrations between now and Christ the King Sunday at the end of November.  We will (for those of you keeping track) recognize Reformation Sunday and All Saints Sunday in October.   Pentecost is also referred to as Ordinary Time.  The word “ordinal” simply means counted time.  And that’s a relief!  Because, we should find the season of Pentecost as anything but ordinary.  In fact, as we focus on the teachings of Jesus, we could call the season extra-ordinary!  Our altar clothe and pulpit scarf (our paraments) are green to symbolize how we, as Christians, grow our faith through God’s Word.    One of the ways we should be continuing to grow is by putting our Spiritual Gifts into practice to build up the Body of Christ.  The gifts of the Spirit are the tools each of us have been given for ministry and particular jobs – not just in the local church, but also within Christ’s Church.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing, in bulletin inserts and power point slides, the twenty-one gifts of the Spirit that the Apostle Paul names in several of his letters in the  New Testament.   

I am praying that you’ll give attention to the descriptions of the Spiritual gifts and be mindful of which ones are particularly familiar to you.   I’m praying, too, that when the Spirit nudges you with that familiarity that you’ll share that with me and others in the Family of Faith… it’ll be exciting to see how God will empower each of us to grow Pikes Peak UMC and God’s Kingdom.   

Relax!  We’re not all going to be preachers or teachers.  Some of us will be administrators or missionaries – which can happen right in our own neighborhood.  Others are healers (and think about it:  that can mean physical healing as well as helping others with financial healing, being involved with healing of the environment or other maladies we know exist in our culture and society.) Stay tuned – there are many other Spiritual gifts to learn about.  We ALL have them.  We don’t ALL use them. But we could….we should.  PPUMC will be energized and empowered in ways we can’t imagine until we acknowledge our Gifts and put them to use for the Kingdom. Ordinary season of Pentecost?   I don’t think so♥ I look forward to hearing how the Spirit is moving YOU. And seeing you in God’s house soon. 

I’m honored to be in ministry with you at Pikes Peak UMC. We’ve been blessed!  Now, let’s all BE a blessing!

Pastor Dea