Pikes Peak United Methodist Church
Pikes Peak United Methodist Church
Sunday, September 24, 2023
Come, Love, Grow, Share

Administrative Council

Chairperson:  Mel Simmons
Throughout the year, this leader brings initiative, coordination, and collaboration to the group that does planning, goal-setting, implementation, and evaluation of ministry for the congregation.
The Trustees are Christian stewards of the property God has entrusted to the congregation.  Effective trustees supervise and maintain the property of the congregation to ensure that disciple-making ministries of the congregation are effective and that local legal requirements related to the property are satisfied.
Vice Chair:  Ann Keetch
Recording Secretary:  Berna Keating
This leader works with the pastor and council to keep accurate records for administrative council meetings
Staff Parish Chair:  David Hays
The Staff Parish Committee works with the pastor and other staff so that the staff can work effectively in managing the ministry of the congregation for making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. An effective committee will fulfill legal and ethical responsibilities related to staff.
Outreach Chair:  Ruth Richey
Outreach Committee: 
The Outreach Committee cares for our members in our congregation as well as assists with outward missions to our community.
  • West Side Cares - Archie and Cherry Wilson
  • Health and Wellness - Alice Shartran
  • Bus Ministry - Craig Sommer
  • Lay Leader - Ann Keetch
The Lay Leaders function as the primary representative  of and role model for Christian discipleship and faith lived out in the church and in daily life for the people of a congregation. Lay leaders work with the pastor to fulfill the mission and vision of the congregation.
Finance Chair:  Rick Keetch
 The Finance Committee proposes a budget; then raises, manages, and distributes the financial resources of the congregation to support and strengthen the mission and ministry of the congregation. 
Treasurer:  Karen Wiest
Pastor:  Dea Sharp
United Methodist Men:  Mel Simmons
United Methodist Women:  La Vada Brown
Recording Secretary:  Ruth Reed
Children's & Youth Program Director:  Kim Sommer
Social Committee Chair:  Sally Simmons
The Social Committee organizes and implements fellowship opportunities for our congregation.
Memorial Committee Chair:  Ruth Reed
Worship Committee Chair:  Gretchen Arnold
The Worship Committee provides opportunities for worship celebrations that focus on God, help people of all ages grow in their understanding of the Gospel, and become better equipped for daily living as faithful disciples. They work with the Pastor and others to create a vibrant worship of God.
Nominations Chair:  Pastor Dea Sharp
The Nominations Committee helps to identify, develop, deploy, evaluate, and monitor Christian spiritual leaders to carry out the congregational ministries that fulfill the mission of making disciples and transforming the community. 
Non-council Positions:
Newsletter Editor:  Carol Stephenson
Website Coordinator: Denise Sherwood
Church Purchasing Agent:  Sally Simmons